MIFA Wearables

MIFA's apparel partner

MIFA partners with Hold on to Hope for its wearables. Hold on to Hope specializes in awareness apparel for Michigan Non-profits and they are an excellent resource for us. A substantial amount of the purchase price comes back to MIFA as a cash donation. Learn more about them here.


Legislative Debate Rule Changes

Specifically, the motions are as follows:

AmazonSmile makes donating to MIFA painless

We participate in the AmazonSmile program whereby 1/2% of all qualifying Amazon purchases will be delivered directly to the MIFA bank account. It costs you nothing. You shop like you always do and MIFA benefits. PLEASE, if you ever shop at Amazon.com, just follow this link to instructions on how to help MIFA.

MIFA Election Results 2014-2015

Officers of MIFA are:
Kevin Schneider, Holland HS, Chair
Ruth Kay, Detroit Coutnry Day School, Vice-Chair
Cindy Stevens, North Branch High School, Secretary
Jon Becker, Marquette High School, Treasurer

Tax deductible contribution to general fund


Each dollar you give means we are that much closer to another event, another scholarship and a more vital organization. We thank you for your help. These funds go directly into the general fund for operations of the organization. MIFA is a non-profit charity organized under section 501(C)3 of the IRS code.


The Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association promotes education-based middle and secondary school speech and debate activities and interscholastic competition as a means to develop a student’s lifelong skills and values, as well as the public’s awareness of the value of speech, debate, and communication education.

As an organization, the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association embraces diversity, interconnection, and visionary leadership while fostering a greater sense of community. We empower students to become proficient communicators, ethical individuals, critical thinkers, lifelong learners and leaders in a democratic society.